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As a Realtor I see firsthand the amount of people who are moving to Florida. I often ask them why Florida. The number one reason given is the weather. Florida is blessed with over 200 sunny days a year. The summer is hot and humid but the rest of the year it's actually quite nice. If you happen to live in South Florida a sweater or light jacket is all you need in the winter. Northern Florida will see an occasional 40 degree day during winter so you'll want to keep one of your warmer coats if you live there. The weather is nice enough that you can golf, ride a bike, walk, and enjoy the outdoors all year long. Florida has an abundance of parks and beaches. In fact no matter where you live in Florida you're never more than 60 miles to a beach. If your dream has been to live on the coast, your chances of realizing it in Florida are good. Florida has the longest coastline in the United States with 1350 miles of coast. It's also the only state bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Florida is also a very affordable place to live, according to Area Vibe, our overall cost of living is 1% less than the national average. It certainly helps that we're one of the few states with no state income tax. Housing costs are reasonable with homes being very affordable throughout most of Florida. They're building brand new homes that are 3 bedroom 2 bath in many parts of Florida for $225,000.00 or less. You'll find Southern Florida and the Florida Keys more expensive. Utility costs are about average in my opinion. I currently pay $168 a month for a 2850 square foot house. I'm on the budget or level billing plan so I don't see a spike in my utility bill during the summer months. 

Florida has the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, rivers and an abundance of Lakes. If you love fishing you can catch everything from bass to swordfish. Boating is very popular here and there are many marinas. The folks who live on the water can park their boat at a dock or a lift in their backyard. Scuba diving, swimming, and surfing are popular here. The weather allows you to enjoy watersports all year long. 

Sports are sort of a big thing here in Florida. If you're a rapid sports fan you came to the right place We have three professional football teams, two professional baseball teams, two professional basketball teams and two professional hockey teams. College sports fans are the best here in Florida. You'll meet plenty of people who follow the Hurricanes, Gators, Seminoles, or UCF. The fans love their team and come college football you'll see flags on vehicles and proudly displayed in front yards on game day. 

My favorite part of living in Florida is the cultural diversity and all the good things that come with it. We have every religion, nationality and age here. People from many different countries now call Florida home. A great benefit of this is the abundance of great restaurants. You can get just about any type of food you want here. If you like citrus fruit Florida is the largest producer of citrus fruit in the United States and the second largest in the world.

I have lived in the Florida Keys and I now live in Palm Coast between Daytona Beach and St Augustine. I love the fact that I live where the rest of the world wants to vacation. The growth of this state has been impressive but it will continue to grow as more people come to realize the tremendous benefit of living in Florida.